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        International Women's Day

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      • Laura Corriale, Ayelen Pujo, Karina Vazquez and Elsa Silvestre broadcast football at Radio del Plata in Argentina
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            • A team of women are broadcasting first division matches in Argentina
            • One of them is a veteran of the only similar initiative from 25 years ago
            • 1 betwinner.com spoke to the people behind an inspirational programme

            When Fabiana Segovia took over as the director of Radio Del Plata in November 2020, one of the major challenges she faced was finding a new direction for broadcasting men’s football matches on one of Argentina’s oldest radio stations.

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            1. “I’ve been a football fan since I was a little girl and I used to go to watch matches until I started working as a radio producer,” Segovia, who is 51 and has more than two decades of experience in the field, told 1 betwinner.com. “I felt that Del Plata should, at the very least, cover River Plate and Boca Juniors, but I wanted to do something different to what everyone else was doing.” 

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                The idea for a women-only programme came from Hernan Avella, a radio presenter she had been working with for a long time. 

                • It was a revelatory moment for her in more ways than one, as she explained: “It was a Saturday and I said, ‘I love the idea. I’ll ask on Monday’. And it was then that I realised that it was my decision to make and mine alone. I still wasn’t used to that.” 

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                  She asked other people what they thought. “I spoke to Antonio Fernandez Llorente, my co-director, and he liked the idea too. And that’s how the idea of putting together a team of women to broadcast River and Boca games came about.”


                        Discussing her next challenge, she said: “There are plenty of women who know about football, but not so many who commentate on it. I asked a few people and got a couple of recordings. They put a lot it into but they were young and they didn’t have the right voice for it yet. And then I came across Laura Corriale. She’s the stadium announcer at Huracan and she was just what I was looking for.”

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                                Corriale, 30, is a dedicated football fan too. “I always have been, so much so that I learned to walk on a pitch,” she told 1 betwinner.com. She started working as a presenter at 21 and has long had links with Huracan, where she was the press officer. In 2016, she became the club’s stadium announcer, making her only the second woman to hold such a position with an Argentinian first division club.

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                                    “I did a commentating course in 2013,” she explained. “There were three women on it but the other two dropped out after a couple of classes. The only commentating I’d ever done, though, was during the 2018 1 voucher betway, for a feminist initiative on a community radio station. That’s why I wasn’t sure about accepting. Fabiana gave me time to think it over, though, and here I am, delighted to be on board.”

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                                              1. Elsa Silvestre broadcasts football at Radio del Plata in Argentina

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                                                            08 Mar 2021

                                                          1. Elsa Silvestre broadcasts football at Radio del Plata in Argentina

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                                                          3. © Others

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                                                                2. Ayelen Pujol broadcasts football at Radio del Plata in Argentina
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                                                                        08 Mar 2021