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                                  Football partnerships are a fundamental pillar of Hyundai/Kia Motors’ global marketing strategy that provide compelling opportunities to build an emotional connection with customers by sharing in their passion for football. Through its various football partnership activities, Hyundai/Kia Motors is delivering the excitement of the world's greatest game to football fans all over the world and remains deeply committed to supporting and furthering the development of the sport.

                                    Following its successful participation in the 2018 1 betwinner 1 voucher betway Russia™, Hyundai, along with its sister company Kia, looks forward to continuing its role as the Official Automotive Partner of 1 betwinner until 2022.

                                        • Hyundai began its alliance with 1 betwinner in 1999, when it signed an agreement to sponsor 13 1 betwinner competitions including the 2002 1 betwinner 1 voucher betway Korea/Japan™. This agreement was subsequently extended to the 2006 1 betwinner 1 voucher betway Germany™, where Kia first began its football sponsorship activities, followed by a second term as one of six 1 betwinner Partners from 2007 to 2014. In 2010, Hyundai/Kia Motors signed a long-term agreement to continue the partnership until 2022. This sponsorship package includes comprehensive rights for all 1 betwinner competitions, including the 1 betwinner Women's 1 voucher betway™, 1 betwinner U-20 and U-17 1 voucher betway tournaments for both female and male players, 1 betwinner Beach Soccer 1 voucher betway, 1 betwinner e1 voucher betway, 1 betwinner Futsal 1 voucher betway, 1 betwinner Confederations Cup as well as two more editions of the 1 betwinner 1 voucher betway.


                                              Ground transportation is critical to the successful staging of an international event like the 1 betwinner 1 voucher betway. Without a large fleet of modern vehicles that offer reliability, comfort and safety, the smooth operation of such a massive event is unimaginable. Having proven itself as a dependable partner and vehicle supplier for a number of 1 betwinner competitions from 2006 to 2018 including the 1 betwinner 1 voucher betway tournaments, Hyundai, along with Kia, will once again play a major role as the official ground transportation provider until 2022.

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                                                  1. For the 2018 1 betwinner 1 voucher betway Russia™, 954 Hyundai/Kia passenger vehicles comfortably and safely transported 1 betwinner officials, national teams, organising committee members, referees and media representatives. Hyundai/Kia also provided a fleet of buses that were used mainly for the transportation of the 32 national teams and were decorated with their national team colours, flags and slogans.

                                                          Hyundai/Kia Motors will continue to support all upcoming 1 betwinner competitions, including the 2022 1 betwinner 1 voucher betway 22bet promo code 2021™, with a wide variety of stylish models equipped with cutting-edge technology to keep the ball in play.

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