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Spin Potential, ball COF, string COF: Spin potential is a measure of the sideways "snap-back" of the main strings and the grabbiness of the strings to the ball, both of which, under the proper circumstances, add to spin. The number reported here is the ratio of the string-to-ball grabbiness divided by the string-to-string slipperiness (string ...

Understanding Tennis String Stiffness

See the Tennis Warehouse University String Stiffness Database to see how all tennis strings match up! String types Polyester strings tend to be the stiffest and lowest-powered type of string, but they do offer the most control, spin and durability.

Tennis Scoring System, Rules and Guidelines - 2021 Tips

A tennis set is determined when a competitor has won a minimum of six games with at least a two game advantage over his or her opponent. The potential score outcome for a set could be 6-4, 6-3, 6-2, 6-1, or 6-0. Did you notice I did not mention 6-5? Think about that for a second. Did you figure out why? Chances are, you did.

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Each game in tennis is played to three points, but just like a set, you must win by two. The confusing part for most new tennis players is that we don’t simply use the point values such as 0, 1, 2, 3… instead, we assign special point values: 0 points = Love; 1 point = 15; 2 points = 30; 3 points = 40; Tied at 1 point = 15-all; Tied at 2 points = 30-all

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According to one theory, the idea of the tennis scoring system resembles the clock to mark the score 15,30,45 while the game ending at 60. Later, they changed 45 to 40 for the advantage. In other words, they changed 45 to 40 (deuce) to ensure that game could not be won by a one-point difference in the score.

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Tennis score after a deuce If both players reach 40, this is known as deuce (not 40-all). A player has to score two consecutive points to win the game following deuce.

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Power - Score: 47 / Control - Score: 89. With its firm construction, Pro Red Code played like a classic control string. This allowed our two playtesters to maximize their swing speeds without having to worry about overhitting. For Chris, this meant more confidence when attacking the ball. He said, "I thought this was a solid playing string.

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Power - Score: 40. Though not as dead as some of the traditional polys we've hit, Black Code did a great job keeping our most powerful strokes inside the lines. Michelle had zero complaints, saying, "I found this string to provide me with low to medium power (more low than medium), which was perfect for me. I don't need any extra power from my strings with my fast strokes, so I prefer to find control and spin from my strings.

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