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Need help: Solo practice drills, exercises, etc. : tennis

Hi tennis people! I've been playing for about 3 months and watched a ton of tennis training videos by Brad Gilbert, Nick Bolletteri, Jim McLennan, Rick Macci, James Jensen, and Oscar Wegner. I also watched a lot of training videos and lessons on youtube.

3 Basic Footwork Drills for Intermediate Table Tennis Players ...

More Table Tennis Drills. If you’ve enjoyed this article, I’m currently in the process of building the Expert Table Tennis Drills Database that will contain hundreds of different table tennis drills to train every area of your game. It’s not quite finished yet – but I’m working on it.

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16 Tennis Forehand Drills to Improve Your ... - Mind the Racket

Step 1: Stand along the baseline, with your feet straddling the center mark. Step 2: Have a coach stand to the side, feeding you balls to your forehand side. Step 3: Hit the ball using a forehand, accelerating as if you were stood on the baseline. Make sure you’re getting low... Step 4: Repeat this ...

Tennis Footwork - 5 Drills To Improve At Home - YouTube

Tennis Footwork - 5 Drills To Improve At HomeWith over 2 billion people living under lockdowns worldwide currently, many tennis players around the world are ...

Tennis Footwork Drills | Tennis Conditioning

By Philipp Halfmann 12. April 2016 footwork tennis footwork tennis footwork drills Workout. Learn how to move better and watch our tennis footwork drills to improve your dynamic stability, movement economy and speed. The footwork drills can be important exercises to improve performance on the tennis court by improving dynamic stability, movement economy, and speed if the tennis footwork drills emulate the movement pattern seen during a tennis match and translate into actual on court actions.

How To Practice Tennis Alone in 2020 : Drills, Pros and Cons

We’re here to tell you that you most definitely can go solo during your tennis training. Here are five tennis drills you can start doing all on your own to improve your strokes, work on your footwork, and get the leg up on your game. 1. Work on You Ace Serve. Serving is a tennis skill you can readily practice on your own.

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We’re here to help you play your best tennis. From finding gear, to improving your technique, fitness, and on-court strategy.

5 Tennis Drills to Get Pro-Level Agility | Men's Journal

Drill 5: Picking up multiple balls at once. Directions: Set up a ladder, and place two tennis balls on either side, evenly spaced apart. Run through the ladder with two feet in each box and then ...