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Poker house rules

Poker house rules. Thanks for coming and visiting my site. I have tried to put together as much information as I could on rules for playing poker. My friends and I love to play for fun and wanted to share some of the weird games and rules we play with. I started this for new player in our games to become familar with our games.

Mike's House Rules

One player, usually the host, usually me, shall be the banker, and be the person responsible for maintaining the bank. Each player shall buy chips from the bank in $5.00 multiples. Players must pay cash, give a Bank Note, or go into THE BOOKany time they buy chips.

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Rules If four of a kind, it must include a pocket pair (2 cards of the same rank, i.e., 10-10) A player who loses with Four-of-a-Kind or better MUST lose to a Straight Flush or better.

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The exposed card should be put on the top of the deck and will be used as the first burn card. Make sure that everyone has a chance to see the exposed card before throwing it on the top of the deck. If more than one card is exposed while dealing, the hand is considered a misdeal.

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72o - bounty is my favorite rule, but we also have a rule where whenever a person is dealt K9 they have to woof or bark (b/c K9=canine) at some point in the hand or else their hand is declared dead in a win. This also means that we often bluff the K9 by woofing with a non-K9 hand to balance the woofing range.

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House rules can govern anything from game play, to player etiquette, to the environment you’re in. For instance, your house poker rules can include how many chips to give each player to start the game, penalties for playing or betting out of turn, if and how much a player can buy back in if they go out, when to raise blinds, etc.

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You can buy-in a total of $200 in chips per poker night. Multiple buy-ins are fine up to the total of $200 bought across all buy-ins for the night. A buy-in must be a multiple of $5. Basic ante is $0.25 (a $1 chip at the 1/5 face value) for a game. Raise Limit – This is how we keep things from getting out of control!

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Following is a guide to home poker rules that I enforce in my own house games: Smoking is not allowed at the table No spilling drinks. If you spill your drink once, you are banned from any more drinking at the table. The house has the final word over any confusion during the hands. The house can ...