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Declension of noun „Handball“: in plural, genitive, all cases,

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Exercise 2: Put the verb in the present simple tense.

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Use the gerund of the verbs in the box to complete the sentences.

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verb (used without object), served, serv·ing. ... (in tennis, badminton, handball, etc.) to put the ball or shuttlecock in play with a stroke, swing, or hit.

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Simple past tense and past participle of handball.

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(of a return or service in tennis, squash, handball, etc.) landing within the limits of a court or section of a court.

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Put the verbs in the brackets into infinitive (V/to V ) of gerund (V-ing)

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Finish each of the following sentences so that its meaning stay in same i don't have an umbrella in my bag?

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In all of its senses, referee can be used as a verb meaning to act as a referee, as in I signed up to referee my daughter’s soccer games.

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Supply the correct form of the verb: Tom . stamps.