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Crickets live in areas where temperature reaches 80-90 F. Hence, crickets can be found in all continents except Antarctica. Crickets live in grasslands, swamps, under rocks, trees, bushes and even in people’s houses.

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Crickets are distributed all around the world except at latitudes 55° or higher, with the greatest diversity being in the tropics. They occur in varied habitats from grassland, bushes, and forests to marshes, beaches, and caves.

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House crickets typically live outdoors during the warmer seasons and are especially fond of garbage dumps. They are often attracted to electric lights in larger numbers, sometimes by the thousands, and rest on vertical surfaces such as light poles and house walls.

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The only areas, you do not discover crickets are the ones with very cool temperature and the latitude greater than 55 ° Crickets have membranous hind wings. Membranous wings are conveniently collapsible when not in use.

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So, where do crickets live? They prefer places where they can hide from predators, like prairies with tall grass, wild meadows, mulch piles, piles of logs and even of rocks. However, as we will see later, some of them live in trees. They are animals that like to be heard, but do not like to be seen.

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Crickets also enjoy the meaty snack if they catch other insects or bugs. If you have a pet cricket then leafy vegetables like cabbage and lettuce, fruits like and grains like cereals and bread are all healthy choices for your cricket. How long do crickets live? The lifespan of the crickets depends on the various species.

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Crickets are highly adaptable insects and thrive in forests, fields, meadows, gardens, and even in the corners of your house! Their food includes flowers, leaves, and fruits as well as insect larvae and small invertebrates. There are over 900 cricket species existing throughout the world.

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Crickets can live in bushes, amongst grass blades, on tree canopies, in caves and burrows, and some have even evolved to be able to bounce over the surface of the water! Diet Some species of crickets are herbivorous and feed on flowers, fruit or leaves.