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Let’s be honest when you hike in hiking boots or even hiking shoes, after a while your feet get very tire and start to ache. Therefore, using tennis shoes for a long hike would give you more comfort and flexibility on the trails. Waterproof. Having warm and sunny weather makes hiking a lovely and enjoyable activity.

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Tennis shoes are breathable, comfortable, quick to dry and easily removed. Disadvantages. The disadvantages of hiking in tennis shoes are numerous. Soles on tennis shoes are not constructed to grip surfaces encountered in hiking such as dirt, rocks and tree bark. Your possibility of injury from slipping is greater in tennis shoes. Tennis shoes are low-cut and do not offer the same ankle support and protection as a hiking boot. Hikers carry backpacks containing water, food and emergency ...

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If you are planning to hike in tennis shoes, you may want to consider a few things. First, tennis shoes are not meant to handle rough hiking terrain unless the trail you walk is unusually smooth and dry. On the other hand, heavy hiking boots may be unnecessary and overkilling for easy trails. For example, if you are hiking downhill on easy trails of Zion, heavy boots may hurt your feet especially your toes and you may end up mostly wearing your tennis shoes if you bring one.

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Tennis shoes may excel on concrete or groomed trails, but they’re often too flexible to give you uncompromised traction in the wild. Many hiking boots feature Vibram soles and heel brakes that deliver optimal control on the trail. I’ve learned that a lack of traction is a step in the wrong direction.

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Of course, as always, you need to take the circumstances and your requirements into consideration but as a general rule, I think wearing tennis shoes and sneakers to go out hiking on the trail is not a great idea. At the very least, I feel a decent pair of trail shoes is the minimum requirement.

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Like the previous poster mentioned, if you plan to stick to the paved walkways and boardwialks then tennis shoes will probably be fine. If you plan to do some hiking away from those areas, maybe the hiking boots would be better.