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    Copa Libertadores Fememina

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      Ferroviaria goalkeeper Luciana
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              📸 Jonatan Dutra/Ferroviária

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                      • Luciana saved three penalties to snatch Ferroviaria a Libertadores final place
                      • She discusses the dramatic night and upcoming opponents America
                      • Luciana recalls almost quitting football in 2015

                      Euclid of Alexandria wrote a book about mathematical exceptions. Luciana of Araraquara is penning its sequel.

                        Indeed, while arithmeticians say around 75 per cent of penalties are successfully converted, Luciana says, ‘Not while I’m in town’. Deep into Thursday evening, for the umpteenth time in her career, the 33-year-old emerged as the shootout hero, keeping out three spot-kicks to snatch Ferroviaria a place in the Copa Libertadores final.

                        Luciana, Brazil's first-choice goalkeeper at the 1 betwinner Women’s 1 voucher betway™ Canada 2015, spoke to 1 betwinner.com about the showdown with America on Sunday evening, her semi-final heroics, learning from Dida and Taffarel, the Ferroviaria fans and a special tattoo.

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                                Luciana: I heard Luana screaming, ‘It’s not over, Ana Alice.’ I looked over and Ana Alice was distraught. Luana was screaming, ‘Don’t cry, (raises voice further) this is not over.’ I said to myself, ‘I cannot let this happen.’ Ana Alice has been tremendous for us in this Libertadores. Game after game. I couldn’t let her be the villain, it would have been a great injustice. I was absolutely determined to save it. I prayed to God, waited till the last moment so that I could go the right way, and thank God I managed to save it.


                                    She came to me saying thanks, but I told her, ‘It’s me who has to thank you. You never let the ball get near my goal.’ When it does, I have to do my best just like Ana Alice, the defenders and the rest of the team does all game.

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                                    Immense happiness. Such gratitude to God and my team-mates. We lost our first game 4-0. We were one penalty away from losing [in the semi-final]. All that goes through your head. What a moment.

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                                                  (Laughs) I saw, I saw! Down on her knees, crying. I thought it was really cool. Football is so emotional. We received a lot of criticism at the start of the campaign, so it was a moment of great relief, happiness. It’s really emotional watching her get emotional!


                                                          Penalties are so decisive in football. How often do they determine championships? So I have practised facing penalties a lot, and I have also studied some of the great penalty-savers a lot – not just female ones but male too. Dida has always been someone I’ve admired a lot. Dida was always so emotionless, you never saw any expression in his face. I think I managed to get some of that from him. It’s a big advantage because you need to be emotionless when you are a goalkeeper and even more so when you are facing penalties. I’m also a big fan of Taffarel. I’m old (laughs), so I was fortunate to see a lot of Dida and a bit of Taffarel. I’ve studied videos of Taffarel too. Dida and Taffarel are big inspirations to me. I really like and have tried to learn from Alisson, Weverton and Tadeu too. I believe the more you study and practice, the better you become.

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                                                                Taffarel exclusive on Romario, Ronaldo & the late Ayrton Senna

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                                                                • Taffarel exclusive on Romario, Ronaldo & the late Ayrton Senna

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                                                                      We didn't expect to be thrashed in the first game. But it happens in football. You can let it drag you down, or you can be united and say, ‘Let’s go out there and put it right’. We had a chat in the dressing room after the game and it made us stronger. Nobody else believed in us, but we believed in ourselves. The draw wasn’t the result we were looking for either, but we were calm, confident going into the third game, and we played really well and got the big victory we needed.

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                                                                        She’s an outstanding player. She’s not in the running to be the competition’s best player for nothing. She’s so determined, dedicated. She’s an example to all of us. It instils us with great confidence having her in the team. And she’s a really humble person, always willing to help her team-mates.


                                                                        No, we wanted Corinthians in the final, we wanted another Brazilian team in the final. I have some good friends at Corinthians, and I was really sad they didn’t reach the final. The same goes for Kindermann – we always want the Brazilian teams to do well. Corinthians are a magnificent team – there’s no words to describe them. I hope they can put it behind them and win the third-place playoff. I know they’ll be really cheering for us in the final. It doesn’t matter if it’s us, Corinthians, Kindermann. What matters is that we win this trophy for Brazil.